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Little Things: A Memoir in Slices - Jeffrey Brown The first time I read Brown's work, I was surprised at the -- well, I won't call it the crudeness of Brown's drawing, more simplicity. His pictures aren't terribly detailed or pieces where you stare and stare at the great perspective. And his storytelling is likewise simple.

An example is the first story or chapter of this which follows the Jeff character through a friendship/dating situation with a girl that leads to a kind of break up and all throughout there is frequent reference to the music he's listening to. What is captured is this sense of how you can almost block out certain periods of your life as having a very distinct soundtrack and how that soundtrack comes to be very evocative for you in later years. The story doesn't have any particularly strong structure as you might think a story would, but it has a good sense of closure and a solidly paced move through a period in Jeff's life.

What Brown writes are quiet little vignettes, sometimes embarrassingly recognizable, always interesting, very often amusing. Pathos seems to be his metier and it works wonders.