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The Maakies With the Wrinkled Knees

The Maakies With the Wrinkled Knees - Tony Millionaire One of my favorite things about Fantagraphics as a publisher is just how committed they are to their artists. This comes through with titles like this that don't fit comfortably on the shelf with more regularly formatted titles.

Tony Millionaire likewise continues to impress with his hallucinatorily disturbing comics that are troubling, hilarious, and beautifully, lavishly drawn. You will simply not find a more wonderfully illustrated comic anywhere, nor one more likely to use disgustingly intimate digestive humor for a laugh. It's a combination - my favorite juxtaposition of high art and low - that never fails to satisfy, no matter how frequently Millionaire goes to the well of inebriated Drinky Crow and his monkey sidekick Uncle Gabby and their sadistic, alcoholic exploits.