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Flashback - Dan Simmons Right now things aren't looking good for reading Simmons books again. I'd enjoyed The Terror a lot, I'm one of the few who rather liked Drood, and I was prepared to give him a pass on the Joe Kurtz books as I figured he was going for a stylistic aping of the pulps (replete with their of-the-time casual racism, which came off badly in his modern mysteries), but this book is such a bad cobbled together mish-mash of Glenn Beck's more fevered political prognostications that it's like living through the early days of the Iraq war again.

La Raza? Requonquistas? Are you serious?
The New Caliphate? Are you for fucking real?
The collapse of green energy after all the scientists in the world admit climate change was a big fraud to bilk those fat research grants? Are you insane?
An economic collapse of the United States due to"entitlement" programs (that actually circulate money in the economy) rather than through tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy (which takes money out of economic circulation)? What are you smoking?

Simmons tried to say this book is not a reflection of his politics. Riiiiiight.

One of these bits above could be a riff for a dystopia, but all of them taken together are just such a consistent mass of middle aged conservative Fox News hyperventilation that it's hard to see this book as anything but a panty wetting cry of fear.

I'm finishing it instead of chucking it aside because Simmons still can put together a scene decently and because I always have to know whodunit but this book has seriously put me of the author permanently.