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MIND MGMT Vol. 2: The Futurist

MIND MGMT Vol. 2: The Futurist - Matt Kindt The story deepens and things that were hinted at in the first volume take on new significance and resonance in this second collection. It's clear that Kindt has done some serious long-range plotting and he's doling out just enough information and looping the story around to touch on other pieces that the world he's created feels more and more real. Not real in the sense of existing as the world we live in exists, but real in the sense of well constructed, three-dimensional, weighted with detail that is true to character, back story that you only understand in fragments.

As an interesting side note, I was at the library today looking to see if they had the third volume. When they didn't, I started flipping through other books of his. Most I'd already read, but the style of the illustrations in Revolver seemed so similar to the Mind MGMT books (his style in some other titles is a bit different, black and white pen illustrations as opposed to these water color panels) that I looked a little closer at it. As I was flipping through the pages, a name leapt out at me. P.K. Verve. I blinked, flipped back through the pages trying to find it.

Along the edges of the pages in volume 2 of Mind MGMT are excerpts from a book one of the characters, Meru, wrote, a true crime account. P.K. Verve is someone from that true crime book. I brought Revolver home with me to re-read, thinking I might have misread something I saw because I couldn't find the name when flipping back through the pages. (It's all over the book, but I was flipping quickly and not reading with great attention.)

Later at home, as I was close to the end of this volume, one of the page-edge notes mentioned P.K. Verve and the rest of the note was crossed out. Most of the words could be guessed at based on the halves of the letters that stuck out, and I could read in it that P.K. Verve had been met by someone in an alternate timeline -- the plot of Revolver is all about alterate timelines.

Kindt, you sneaky devil.